AIMING FOR ZERO Methane Emissions Initiative

The Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions initiative will require active support from stakeholders beyond oil and gas producers to implement and expand its approach. We welcome Supporters that strive to have a positive influence on reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas industry

The initiative welcomes energy service companies, technology/technical suppliers, oil & gas commodity traders, consultancies, business and trade associations, academic institutions, investment groups, non-governmental organizations, not-for-profit associations and financial institutions as Supporters.

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Supporters of the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions initiative:

  • Endorse the Initiative
  • Encourage new Signatories to join
  • Where relevant, support Signatories as they reduce their methane emissions.

Supporters explicitly support the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2°C and pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5°C, recognize there is a real urgency to act in accordance with best available science, and commit to being a constructive partner to enable methane reductions in the oil and gas industry.


Once you have submitted the form, the Secretariat will check that all criteria are met. We will then liaise with you to coordinate the communication plan and outreach, and update the Aiming for Zero website with your company’s logo.