OGCI Climate Investments

Our US$1B+ fund invests in technologies and projects that accelerate decarbonization in oil and gas, industry, and commercial transport.


Our strategy

Climate Investments uses the know-how and global footprint of our members and network to support commercial adoption through pilots and global implementation of our investments, thus achieving scale at an accelerated pace.

Our outcomes

We look for outcomes that reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and that can recycle or store carbon dioxide.

Our portfolio

We invest in solutions to decarbonize oil and gas, industrials, commercial transport and buildings. Find out more about our investments.

Our investment calls

Investment calls are an important way for us to highlight impactful new technologies, identify promising projects and select new portfolio members.

Project Frame

Collaborating to maximise impact

Throughout 2021, investor capital has poured into climate funds. The effectiveness of those investment dollars depends fundamentally on investors’ ability to identify opportunities with the greatest potential for climate impact. This requires robust and objective metrics for evaluating the potential carbon reduction impact of different investment opportunities.

Alongside other investment funds, OGCI Climate Investments has collaborated to develop such metrics. Project FRAME, the framework to assess future greenhouse gas emissions reduction, is focused on the assessment of impact from investments and we encourage other investors to join us to co-create this shared set of tools.