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Learn how our investments are helping to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions and can recycle or store carbon dioxide.

Andium Portfolio


Andium is an Industrial Internet of Things company providing remote-field monitoring and communications technology that allows oil and gas companies to continuously monitor flaring activity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.



Urbint’s methane abatement technology leverages AI in predicting and stopping threats to critical infrastructure and workers.


GHGSat provides low-cost greenhouse gas monitoring data and  services covering sites around the world. GHGSat launched its first demonstration satellite in 2016, proving the potential to accurately measure facility-level emissions of both carbon dioxide and methane.

Kairos Aerospace

Kairos Aerospace provides actionable data on major sources of methane emissions from aerial surveys. Their patented sensors and proprietary software make continual monitoring of methane emissions over large areas of land cost-effective.

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SeekOps develops and fields advanced sensor technology for the energy sector to detect, localize, and quantify natural gas emissions through integrated drone-based systems. SeekOps’ unique sensor design eliminates false positive readings and localizes emissions source detection to provide actionable data to oil and gas operators.

Clarke Valve

Clarke Valve designs and manufactures proprietary control valves for the industrial market. Its patented Shutter Valve is cost-effective, energy efficient, and virtually eliminates fugitive methane emissions.


Kelvin uses artificial intelligence to deliver safe, secure, and  sustainable control of complex physical systems. Kelvin is working with leading oil and gas companies to transform processes and systems in drilling, well completions, and production to reduce methane emissions, while improving economic performance.


Qnergy provides remote power solutions to help companies improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions. One of its leading applications is instrument air solutions to displace methane emissions from pneumatic devices.

Boston Metal

Boston Metal has developed a modular, electrochemical  manufacturing process for high-value ferroalloys, and  ultimately, for steel. The objective of the company is to cost-competitively produce emissions-free steel.


Norsepower designs and manufactures mechanical rotor sails that provide auxiliary propulsion power for large ships, reducing their fuel consumption and associated emissions. The offering combines a Flettner rotor with machine learning, resulting in a fully autonomous device that is easily installed and operated.

XL Fleet Electrification

XL provides hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle solutions that bring the advantages of hybrid vehicle performance to medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The solution is a minimally invasive upgrade that can be ordered on new units or installed on existing fleets.

Achates Power

Achates Power is developing high fuel-efficiency, opposed-piston engines that aim to significantly reduce carbon dioxide, particulate, and nitrogen oxide emissions.


METRON is a French cleantech company that uses AI technology to increase energy efficiency and productivity for industrial facilities while also delivering substantial cost savings.


75F provides a joint hardware and software product to  manage the energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and lighting in commercial buildings. The low-cost solution can be  installed quickly in new and existing buildings of any size. The solution is driven by machine learning algorithms to optimize HVAC and lighting.


Ontruck is a digital road freight platform connecting carriers and shippers more efficiently. Ontruck removes carbon emissions generated from empty trucks, enabling a more sustainable future of transportation.


Svante aims to halve the capital cost of carbon capture  through its modular, scalable technology, while creating demand for carbon dioxide on a gigatonne scale by building a physical marketplace.

Solidia Technologies

Solidia is scaling its patented systems for producing lower-carbon cement and concrete cured with CO2 instead of water.  They can reduce the carbon footprint of cement and  concrete by up to 70%.  Solidia’s R&D focus includes expansion to the full range of precast and ready-mix applications.


Econic uses pioneering catalyst technology to incorporate carbon dioxide as a raw material into polyols, the basis of all polyurethanes. Econic is moving  towards adoption of this technology by existing polyol producers at full scale.

Net Zero Teesside

Net Zero Teeside (NZT) is a UK CCUS hub that aims to build the world’s first commercial abated gas power plant, while providing collective carbon transport & storage infrastructure. In October 2021, NZT and the wider East Coast Cluster was named by the UK Government as one of the UK’s first two CCUS clusters to be progressed towards deployment by the mid-2020s. CI worked to develop a commercially-viable concept, bringing in several OGCI member companies under the operational leadership of bp on the engineering design, and working with the UK government to attract support for CCUS industrial hubs. 

Wabash Valley Resources

A project to capture and store carbon dioxide from Wabash Valley Resources’ co-located ammonia plant. This is expected to be the largest carbon storage project to date in the USA and the first ammonia produced with a very low  carbon footprint.

Elk Hills Carbon LLC

Elk Hills Carbon is a CCUS project led by CRC, the largest oil and natural gas producer in California, which will capture CO2 from a natural gas power plant.


NextDecade, the developer of Rio Grande LNG, plans to capture and permanently store more than 5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – over 90% of its emissions – making it one of North America’s largest US CCS projects in development.

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Learn how our investments are helping to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions and can recycle or store carbon dioxide.

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