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Drone-based monitoring of methane emissions

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The oil and gas industry needs cost-effective solutions to monitor methane emissions reductions across all elements of the value chain: upstream, midstream and downstream. Current inspection methods are labor-intensive and inherently non-quantitative, making it hard to show demonstrable reduction. It is therefore critical to deploy techniques that can rapidly, safely, and consistently localize emission sources, to drive mitigation and enable more accurate reporting.



SeekOps’ drone-based sensor technology uses high sensitivity, unmanned aerial systems to detect, localize and quantify methane emissions. Global operations have demonstrated both onshore and offshore capabilities, with data enabling high standards of Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) reporting.


SeekOps has registered results over five times more efficient than existing methods of methane detection, according to multiple independent third parties and peer-reviewed publications. Recent work with industry partners has demonstrated the first scalable and effective method to conduct quantitative emissions inspections in multiple environments, both onshore and offshore.


Expanding impact

Accurate, actionable and cost-effective data provides increased confidence, quality, and efficacy of leak detection and repair programmes. Using advanced autonomous workflows, SeekOps has demonstrated dramatic efficiency gains for facility and production assets, and recently expanded its offering to the biogas and waste management sectors.

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