Impact Report 2021

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

The annual realized GHG impact of our portfolio of investments more than doubled between 2019 and 2021. Our methodology and the inaugural Impact Report have been independently reviewed by an expert sustainability consultant. Our GHG impact demonstrates the strong potential and early progress of OGCI CI’s catalytic investments.

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Our GHG impact in numbers

Total realized GHG Impact

15.8 MtCO2e

in 2021 which is


Equivalent to eliminating the emissions from

~3.4 million

cars for one year

Cumulative Impact

30 MtCO2e

(2019-2021) which is

Group of trees

Equivalent to

~500 million

tree seedlings growing for 10 years

This is OGCI Climate Investments’ first Impact Report

and it covers the 23 investments made between the start of our operations in mid-2017 and the end of 2021.


Investments in methane reduction


Investments in carbon dioxide reduction


Investments in CCUS

Our Methodology

At Climate Investments, we spent three years developing robust approaches to measuring the GHG impact of our investments. In addition, we have co-founded a cross-investor initiative called Project FRAME to support the improvement and standardization of these approaches. FRAME now has over 100 investment firms and climate solution experts as its members, and a permanent staff developing its methodology.

In addition to reporting on the historically delivered (realized) GHG impact, OGCI CI also forecasts the risk-adjusted future GHG impact of its investment portfolio. This exercise illustrates the growth potential in our portfolio impact, and, in the Impact Report 2021, shows that we anticipate strong growth in GHG impact from our Catalyst Fund I investments through to 2030.

Project Frame

This report focuses on the GHG emissions that our investment portfolio companies have reduced, avoided, recycled or stored through the deployment of their technologies and solutions.

OGCI Climate Investments has a mandate to deliver GHG impact at industrial scale through investments in new technologies and projects. To meet our goals, we focus on ensuring that our investments both deliver impact and are commercially successful.

“We realized early that to achieve our GHG impact goals, we needed objective metrics, which could be used to guide our investment decisions. We are now able to report on our portfolio impact outcomes with transparency and consistency… GHG impact reporting is still nascent, but critically important to delivering on the world’s climate goals.”

– Dr Pratima Rangarajan, CEO

Our Future Plans

OGCI Climate Investments is a decarbonization investor focused on GHG reduction for climate impact. We will continue to seek the most impactful investments and look for opportunities where we can catalyze action on GHG emissions at scale. We will continue to improve our impact methodologies and (with Project FRAME and other organizations) will continue to bring standardization and transparency.

As an investor, we have a strong drive to improve the broader ESG performance across our portfolio. Screening for ESG is a core element of our diligence process, and we bring a focus on issues like robust governance, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and responsible sourcing to our investments through our activities as board members. We intend to publish our first Sustainability Report in 2022 and will expand on this work there.