C02 Storage

Join us for a webinar on the updated CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue

Wednesday, June 2

Webinar: Update on global CO2 storage resource and capacity, June 02, 2021

We are launching the 2021 update of the CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue on June 2, 2021 adding five new countries and 680Gt of potential storage resource.

Join us for a webinar with the key people behind the catalogue.


Chris Consoli


Sylvain Thibeau


Hazel Robertson
Pale Blue Dot Energy

Shelagh Baines
Pale Blue Dot Energy

You will learn:

  • How the Storage Resource Management System works
  • How the database evaluates storage potential and maturity
  • How public assessments are translated into data for the Catalogue
  • What role you can play in populating the Catalogue in future

The one-hour webinar is designed primarily for those with a technical interest in CO2 storage, including 30 minutes for your questions and discussion. It will be held twice on the day to match different time zones.


Topic: Technical webinar on the updated CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue

Description: One hour webinar on the workings of the CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue with OGCI, GCCSI and Pale Blu Dot Energy, including 30 minutes of Q&A.