Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

More than half the energy we produce is wasted due to inefficiency. Therefore, increasing efficiency is a great way to reduce emissions. We have nine carbon dioxide reduction companies in our Catalyst Fund I portfolio.

What Climate Investments is doing to
reduce carbon dioxide emissions

We invest in opportunities to boost industrial, commercial, buildings and transportation efficiency. We currently have seven investments in this portfolio.

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How are we tackling carbon dioxide?

In this series, we look at why carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction matters and show how OGCI Climate Investments is investing in and supporting the growth of commercially viable, scalable and impactful solutions that have the potential to drive significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction in different sectors of the global economy.

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How are we tackling carbon dioxide?

1: Embracing the challenge of carbon dioxide reduction

Why CO2 emissions matter, and what our priorities are as a specialized decarbonization investor.

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2: Delivering value beyond capital

Our approach to the construction of our CO2 reduction Investment Portfolio.

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3:  Focus on under-invested, high-emitting sectors

The diversity of the industries we are investing in to deliver most impact.

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4: Helping companies scale and commercialize

How to propel a company forward faster in a way that allows it to deliver impact profitably and at scale.

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Climate Investments case studies

Learn how our investments are helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions