September 25

Talking Transition:
OGCI and CDP on climate, carbon and collaboration

In this conversation, Nicolette Bartlett, Global Director of Climate Change, CDP, sits down with Jérôme Schmitt, Chair of the OGCI Executive Committee, to discuss the organisation’s work and how the industry is engaging with the energy transition.

Jérôme Schmitt

Jérôme Schmitt is the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Executive Committee. He is responsible for advancing and implementing the strategy set by the OGCI CEOs and building consensus among the team of senior executives representing OGCI’s member companies. Jérôme is also Senior Vice President M&A, Total SA. Previously, he was Group Senior Vice President Sustainable Development & Environment, leading the Group’s sustainability and climate roadmaps ahead of COP21 and working on the creation of OGCI.

Nicolette Bartlett

Nicolette is the Global Director of Climate Change and the Interim Director of CDP’s Environmental Practice more broadly. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring CDP’s climate change strategy is delivered, and manages the team leading the implementation of ground breaking initiatives such as the Science Based Targets initiatives, RE100, and CDP’s work on carbon pricing, delivered as a partner of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition. Nicolette sits on the Project Board for the RE100 initiative; is a Senior Associate at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and has written and reviewed a number of high-profile publications.

September 24

Getting a CCUS hub off the ground:
learning from Net Zero Teesside

OGCI’s CCUS KickStarter initiative, launched last year, was inspired by our experience with Net Zero Teesside, which aims to become the UK’s first decarbonized industrial cluster in the mid-2020s. Today we explore the steps that were needed to move from idea to joint venture.

The evolution of Net Zero Teesside

Getting a CCUS hub off the ground requires a commercial concept, funding, policies and regulations, community support, subsurface expertise and lots of patient work.

September 23

Turning energy efficiency into a decarbonization tool

Improving energy efficiency is one of the strongest levers to significantly reduce emissions further in the next five years.
Today we look at how OGCI member companies are radically rethinking their approach to energy use.


The focus on energy efficiency is starting to sharpen, however, as a growing number of countries look to invest in infrastructure to help post-Covid recovery, while saving energy and tackling the climate challenge.

CHEVRON – integrating renewables into oil operations

Chevron’s new solar plant is expected to provide approximately 80% of energy needs at the Lost Hills oil field

TOTAL and the petrochemical consortium “cracker of the future”

The Cracker of the Future consortium plans to develop technologies that can heat 800°C+ furnaces with electricity instead of fossil fuels.

September 22

How OGCI member companies are tackling
transport emissions

OGCI member companies are pursuing a wide range of overlapping approaches to the decarbonization of transport. Today we are featuring two case studies of potentially game-changing low carbon technologies.

REPSOLManufacturing net zero emissions fuels

Repsol is building a plant to manufacture synthetic fuels, using water and captured carbon dioxide, powered by green hydrogen.

SAUDI ARAMCO – Advancing carbon capture in the transport sector

Aramco has developed an innovative mobile carbon capture system that sharply reduces CO2 emissions from a heavy-duty truck.

September 21

How new technologies are helping to measure and mitigate methane emissions

Working towards near zero methane emissions from oil and gas is a top priority for OGCI. Climate Investments, our $1B+ fund, is helping member companies to use new technologies to accelerate progress. Today we are featuring two examples of innovative deployment in action.

bp: Mapping and capping methane emissions with Kairos Aerospace

bp has pledged to measure its methane emissions by 2023 and has enlisted Kairos to conduct aerial surveys.

Eni: Tackling fugitive emissions with Clarke Valve

To meet its ambitious new climate targets, Eni is partnering with Clarke Valve to test innovative shutter valves at a refinery in Italy.