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CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue updated

CO2 storage map
CO2 storage map

OGCI, the Global CCS Institute and Pale Blue Dot Energy have released the 2021 update of the CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue. This update adds 190 sites with 680 Gt of potential storage resource from five new countries, bringing the total storage resource assessed to 12,958 Gt, from 715 sites across 18 countries.

The Catalogue is an independent worldwide evaluation of geologic CO2 storage resource assessments. It assesses CO2 storage resource sites from the perspective of commercial viability and readiness, as well as technical opportunity, classifying published CO2 storage resource evaluations from around the world, using the Storage Resources Management System (SRMS).

Our latest summary report summarizes the findings, methodological refinements and current status of the assessment effort and includes an appendix of country-specific reports. Our analysis demonstrates that there is enough storage resource available to meet climate change commitments and targets, but that commercialization is not happening quickly enough. Despite increased momentum in carbon capture, use and storage, there are still too few projects moving forward CO2 storage.

This is an on-going project that will include six annual cycles with evaluations from a different group of countries or regions each year. The long-term aim of the CO2 Storage Resource Catalogue is for it to include all regions and to be self-sustaining, meaning that project developers and researchers can input their own storage resource assessments.

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