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Methane emissions

Reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is one of the quickest ways to help meet the Paris Agreement objectives and it’s a top priority for OGCI.

OGCI members are working to eliminate methane emissions from their own operations and across the industry.

OGCI supports the implementation of regulations to reduce methane emissions from existing and new sources and is working with international institutions, think tanks and organizations to develop programs and tools to monitor and measure methane emissions and identify abatement potential.

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Aiming for Zero

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  • OGCI member companies met their collective upstream methane intensity target in 2021 – four years early.
  • They did it by by focusing on addressing leaks, flaring and venting.
  • OGCI’s 0.2% target for methane intensity is now frequently used as an industry standard.
  • OGCI’s pilot programme in Iraq successfully demonstrated the use of satellite data to aid methane mitigation.
  • Direct engagement with local operators helped address the methane plumes the satellites identified.
  • And the campaign has been extended to other countries.
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Tackling methane emissions

Join the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative to support net zero.