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OGCI's strategy and principles

OGCI member companies work individually and collectively to accelerate action towards a net zero emissions future. Our action is guided by a set of principles and a strategy.

Watch the video below from OGCI Executive Committee Chair Bjorn Otto Sverdrup to learn more about our strategy.

Our strategy

Three strategic pillars guide our work to accelerate the energy transition:

1. Driving towards net zero operations

OGCI provides a forum for member companies to explore what is possible and what stakeholders expect, agree on collective targets and goals to reduce methane and carbon dioxide emissions, and share knowledge on how best to measure and tackle key emission sources.

All member companies share the ambition to achieve net zero emissons from the operations under our control (Scope 1 and 2 emissions). We have also agreed to leverage our influence to achieve the same in assets operated by our partners.

Potential CO2e abated

1 Gt
per year

2. Leading the oil and gas industry

Our members have the ambition to work across the industry to encourage other companies to move towards net zero operations and, most urgently, to near zero methane emissions.

We proactively reach out to oil and gas companies around the world to lead and generate action for reducing emissions, sharing knowledge and collaborating on decarbonization technologies and approaches.

Potential CO2e abated

4 Gt
per year

3. Acting to help decarbonize society

OGCI focuses on solutions that provide energy while radically cutting greenhouse gas emissions. We work in areas like carbon capture, utilization and storage and biofuels to tackle emissions from industry and transport.

Our member companies are aligned around the need for more urgent action to support accelerated decarbonization pathways in hard-to-abate industrial and transportation sectors.

Potential CO2e abated

16 Gt
per year
Stena Impero SRD 03114
Our Principles

What it means to be an OGCI member


Accelerate action towards a net zero emissions future consistent with the Paris Agreement
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Reduce the methane and CO2 intensity of our operations towards net zero
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Strive to reach near zero methane emissions and zero routine flaring from operated oil and gas assets by 2030
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Work proactively with the entire oil and gas industry towards net zero operations
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Act to help decarbonize society by supporting and implementing a wide range of low carbon solutions
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Publish accurate, consistent and transparent data, backed by third-party review
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Support government policies that consider a value for carbon, explicitly or implicitly
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Support the implementation of regulations tackling methane emissions
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Engage responsibly with stakeholders and foster candid and constructive dialogue
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Invest in and support Climate Investment funds over a 10-year period
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