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Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

Net zero solutions

Achieving the deep emission cuts needed to reach net zero requires a transformation in the way energy is produced and consumed. That calls for many different solutions and low-carbon technologies. There is no single solution. 

OGCI focuses on building and strengthening the foundations to enable this transition to happen as smoothly and quickly as possible. We:  

  • Provide practical, actionable analysis underpinned by data to help decarbonize oil and gas operations.
  • Find solutions to decarbonize transport, leveraging our members’ extensive expertise producing and supplying reliable transport fuels.
  • Work on the important role that natural climate solutions could play to complement decarbonization of the energy sector.

Roadmap to decarbonize refining

OGCI reports shows:

  • Decarbonizing the refinery sector will be important to reaching net zero

  • Electrification can reduce over 65% of refinery CO2 emissions by 2040 if there is sufficient low-carbon power available

  • Electric boilers and electric drives for condensing turbines are the first priority

How the shipping sector can cut CO2


  • Early pursuit of zero carbon fuels for new ships
  • Moderate uptake of interim and drop in fuels
  • Maximize decarbonization with carbon capture and alternative fuels 
Net Zero Solutions at a glance

Our impact

Oil and gas operations

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of global GHG emissions

Transport sector

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Natural climate solutions

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Net zero solutions

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