Engaging for impact

Tackling the global climate challenge requires cooperative leadership, trust-building, and commitment. OGCI collaborates with a wide range of stakeholders to amplify climate efforts.

What OGCI is doing?

OGCI member companies embrace stakeholder engagement and, as leaders in our industry, we aim to continually improve, building on good international corporate practices. We engage, both individually and collectively in frank, transparent and constructive dialogue with stakeholders. We welcome their constructive engagement and offered expertise and perspectives, and we encourage challenge on a broad range of issues.

In addition to holding regular listening sessions and dialogues with leading and diverse voices on climate change and the energy sector, OGCI is working on specific projects with a multitude of organizations that help us to amplify efforts in the areas of methane emissions, CCUS, transport emissions and natural climate solutions.

On-going joint projects with stakeholders

OrganizationProject Year initiatedThemeDescriptionOGCI support provided

CCAC Methane Studies2017Methane emissionsImprove identification and quantification of global methane emissions from the oil and gas industry through a series of scientific studies.Funding + technical expertise

Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas mitigation options in the natural gas value chain2017Methane emissions, Energy efficiencyAnalyze different available technologies applicable to different sectors of the natural gas supply chain to estimate the maximum emissions abatement at a determined cost. Outcome feeds ICL database

Funding + technical expertise + data

Methane Guiding Principles

2018Methane emissionsSupport for industry, government and other stakeholders to implement the Methane Guiding Principles and reduce methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. In 2021, OGCI is helping to create an interactive toolkit for measurement of methane from flares.Funding and project management support

Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative and the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Joint declaration on accelerating the CCUS industry

2019Carbon capture, use and storageCollaboration to accelerate the global development of an economically viable, environmentally responsible and safe CCUS industry, recognising the need for strong public-private co-operation in this respect. Staff time + technical expertise

Global Assessment of Storage Resources2019Carbon capture, use and storageA 6-year programme, delivered by GCCSI and Storegga to classify CO2 storage resources on a public web-based platformStaff time + technical expertise + funding

Collaboration between OGCI – IEA

2019Carbon capture, use and storage4-year collaboration with the IEA CCUS Unit to support technical and policy analysis for CCUS, including geological storage of CO2.Staff time + technical expertise

NCS Alliance2019Natural climate solutionsThe NCS Alliance is a multi-stakeholder, cross-sector initiative that is committed to enable scalable and cost-effective natural climate solutions for mitigating climate change. Staff participation in working groups and member meetings
Stanford University
Action Plan for Carbon Capture and Storage in California2019

Carbon capture, use and storage

OGCI was one of ten sponsors of this study, which concludes that CCS offers a clean technology pathway for rapidly reducing emissions from the electricity and industry sectors, enabling the reliability benefits of clean firm power, the ongoing economic value of California’s industrial sector, and new clean technologies of the future. Participation on project advisory board + funding

Global Methane Alliance2019Methane emissions

Provide knowledge sharing and technical support to countries that include methane reduction targets from the oil and gas sector in their revised NDCs.

Countries that join the Alliance commit to either a “near zero” methane intensity target, or a 45% reduction by 2025 and 60% to 75% reduction by 2030.

Technical support + contact sharing in the region

Knowledge sharing, participation in GMA in-person and online workshops.

Maritime decarbonization study2020Transport emissionsStudy to identify technological, operational and energy pathways for maritime transport to reduce emissions towards 2050 targets.Funding + technical expertise

Recommended best practices for deploying methane emissions detection and quantification technologies2020Methane emissionsDevelop a set of recommended industry practices on how best to deploy new and established detection and quantification technologies to reduce methane emissions.

Staff time + technical expertise + funding


Liaison organization on ISO/TC265 carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage

2020Carbon capture, use and storage

OGCI is supporting ISO to develop a standard that will include guidance on cross cutting issues like lifecycle risk assessment and management.

Staff time + technical expertise

Global Gas Flaring Explorer2020Methane emissionsThe Global Gas Flaring Explorer project will, through the development of a transparent web platform, deliver real-time and improved monitoring, mapping, visibility and transparency of gas flaring data at oil production sites around the world. The tracking of flare volumes over time will improve the ability to monitor and demonstrate progress towards the World Bank’s Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative, which OGCI advocates for and supports.Funding + technical expertise + data

Society of Petroleum Engineers2020Methane emissionsSPE Live Gaia Talks webinar series on methane emissions reduction, with support from IOGP & IPIECA. Similar series in planning for CCUS and NCS.Funding and organizational support

Feasibility study: mobile carbon capture in shipping2020Transport emissionsStena Bulk and OGCI are collaborating to test the engineering and logistical feasibility of adapting a tanker to accommodate a carbon capture system on-board.Funding + technical expertise

Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets2021Carbon capture, use and storage, Natural climate solutionsThe Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets is a private sector-led initiative working to scale an effective, efficient and high-integrity voluntary carbon market to help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.Guidance

TotalEnergies, Northern Lights JV, Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, Perspectives Climate Group, South Pole and Verra2021Carbon capture, use and storageAn initiative to develop carbon crediting methodologies and associated monitoring, reporting and verification protocols for all types of CCS, including both emission reductions and carbon removals.Advisory