Collaborating for a
low carbon future

OGCI member companies support the Paris Agreement and its aims and are working together to accelerate the transition to a low carbon future.

OGCI’s circular carbon pathway


Achieving a low carbon future requires a new approach to providing energy solutions. OGCI has developed a circular carbon pathway to highlight the areas where collaborative action is needed to reduce waste, produce cleaner energy, stop emissions entering the atmosphere and find ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and so balance remaining emissions.  

OGCI is working systematically across these areas to identify where we can have maximal impact and act as a catalyst for greater action.  

Our priority focus areas

OGCI aims to lead the oil and gas industry response to climate change and scale up low carbon energy solutions – focusing on areas where OGCI can add value, beyond what individual members can do, or the market already offers.

We prioritize our activities around three objectives:

Engaging for impact

Tackling the global climate challenge requires cooperative leadership, trust-building, and commitment. OGCI member companies engage, both individually and collectively in frank, transparent and constructive dialogue with stakeholders. OGCI is also working on specific projects with a multitude of organizations that help us to amplify efforts in the areas of methane emissions, CCUS, transport emissions and natural climate solutions.

Investing for impact

OGCI Climate Investments, our US$1B+ fund, brings new technologies and business models to high-emitting sectors – focusing on areas that were lacking innovation or capital. We aim to have a substantial impact on carbon emissions, by demonstrating and deploying technology at scale.