Bjørn Otto Sverdrup is the new chair of OGCI’s Executive Committee

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup
Bjørn Otto Sverdrup

Bjørn Otto Sverdrup is taking over as chair of OGCI’s Executive Committee on February 24, 2021

Bjørn Otto has been Equinor’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Sustainability since 2015, leading Equinor’s sustainability and climate work. He was responsibile for developing the company’s climate roadmaps and net zero ambitions and has engaged extensively in international climate discussions with a wide variety of global, regional and national stakeholders. Bjørn Otto has been involved with OGCI since 2015, advising Equinor’s CEO.

Bjørn Otto is replacing Jérôme Schmitt who has led the Executive Committee for the past three years, in addition to his role as Senior Vice President Mergers & Acquisitions at Total. Jérôme was extensively involved in the creation of OGCI, and responsible as Executive Committee chair for key initiatives such as OGCI’s methane and carbon intensity targets, the CCUS KickStarter and collective climate reporting. He also played an important role in the development of the $1+ billion OGCI Climate Investments fund.

“I’d like to thank Jérôme for his ground-breaking contributions to OGCI and his pivotal impact in the industry’s battle against climate change,” says Bob Dudley, Chair of OGCI’s Steering Committee. “I would also like to welcome Bjørn Otto and thank him for taking on this important role in carrying forward OGCI’s ambitions.”

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