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Leadership to accelerate the energy transition– OGCI releases its strategy

A close up of the OGCI strategy
OGCI strategy

In a strategy to drive deep reductions in greenhouse gases, all OGCI companies announced they share the ambition to achieve net zero emissions from operations under their control, within the timeframe set by the Paris Agreement. The 12 companies will also leverage their influence to achieve the same in their non-operated assets.

To make an immediate start on realizing this ambition, OGCI has updated its 2025 carbon and methane emission intensity targets, with a potential additional saving of around 50 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year.

As a leadership group, representing around 30% of the world’s oil and gas production, OGCI will work proactively with and encourage the entire industry towards net zero operations and near zero methane emissions.

OGCI member companies will also accelerate their work with partners, customers, policy makers and other industries to develop and deploy innovative and large-scale low carbon solutions.

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