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OGCI partners with IOGP and Ipieca to help operators select methane mitigation technologies

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September 25, 2023 — The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), together with industry associations Ipieca and IOGP have released a recommended practices guide to help operators select and deploy methane detection and quantification technologies.

The three organizations collaborated on the project as eliminating methane emissions from the upstream oil and gas industry represents one of the best short-term opportunities for contributing to climate change mitigation and for advancing the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Commissioned by the three organizations and supported by Carbon Limits and expert input from the external technology providers, the report provides criteria that operators can consider in selecting technology, guidance on technology deployment, and examples of operators’ experiences with different technology combinations.

An online technology filtering tool, detailed technology data sheets covering over 50 technologies, and decision trees to guide technology deployment have also been developed alongside the report.

“To address methane emissions quickly, and at scale, knowledge of the latest technologies and best practices must be shared across our industry – like safety, climate action is a not a competitive endeavour. The combined expertise of three leading organizations will be invaluable to operators who are striving to reach near zero methane emissions.”

OGCI Executive Committee Chair Bjorn Otto Sverdrup

“We are delighted to have played a key role in the development of recommended practices that will help operators select and deploy methane detection and quantification technologies,” said Harvey Johnstone, Environment Director at IOGP. “This is well aligned with our mission as the global voice of the upstream oil and gas industry and consistent with our ongoing activities, in particular in the area of emissions reduction.”

“The Ipieca Principles on climate action highlight Ipieca’s support for the Paris Agreement and advancing emissions reduction, and are underpinned by operational good practice. These recommended technologies, good practices and data sets can support oil and gas operators to quickly and significantly reduce their methane emissions and contribute to addressing climate change.”
Brian Sullivan, Ipieca Executive Director

The report acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for technology, so provides operators with a framework and guidelines for selecting and deploying technologies that are tailored to their facilities and objectives. Extensive interviews and discussions conducted as part of the project were used to inform all recommendations.

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative is a CEO-led organization bringing together 12 of the largest companies worldwide to lead the oil and gas industry’s response to climate change. It aims to accelerate action towards a net zero emissions future consistent with the Paris Agreement. Together, OGCI member companies represent almost 30% of global oil and gas production.   

Combined, OGCI members have invested more than US$35 billion in low carbon solutions over the past five years. OGCI members are Aramco, bp, Chevron, CNPC, Eni, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Occidental, Petrobras, Repsol, Shell and TotalEnergies.

OGCI members set up Climate Investment to create a US$1 billion-plus fund that invests in companies, technologies and projects that accelerate decarbonization within energy, industry, built environments and transportation. 

International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is the global voice of our industry, pioneering excellence in safe, efficient and sustainable energy supply – an enabling partner for a low-carbon future. Our Members operate around the globe, producing over 40% of the world’s oil and gas. Together, we identify and share knowledge and good practices to improve the industry in areas such as health, safety, the environment, efficiency and the energy transition.


Ipieca is the global oil and gas association dedicated to advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition. It brings together members and stakeholders to lead in integrating sustainability by advancing climate action, environmental responsibility and social performance across oil, gas and renewables activities.

Ipieca was founded at the request of the United Nations Environment Programme in 1974. Through its non-lobby and collaborative approach Ipieca remains the industry’s principal channel of engagement with the UN.

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