OGCI releases its 2021 Progress Report

2021 Progress Report
2021 Progress Report

This year’s progress report, Accelerating ambition & action, highlights the progress made in 2021 by OGCI and Climate Investments, and explores the initiatives underway. 

In 2021, our new Executive Committee Chair, Bjorn-Otto Sverdrup worked closely with the 12 member companies to align around a new net zero strategy. The strategy is built around three pillars:

  • getting to net zero emissions in our own operations
  • leading the oil and gas industry towards net zero operations
  • acting to help decarbonize society

This strategy has created a framework for us to act with and demonstrate impact, supported by the work of OGCI Climate Investments that now has 23 companies in its portfolio, and which collaborates and facilitates partnerships both inside and beyond the oil and gas industry to drive faster decarbonization.

The Progress Report outlines the work OGCI is currently engaged in in all three pillars. It highlights what we are doing in our priority areas – eliminating methane emissions, reducing carbon intensity, scaling up carbon capture, utilization and storage and decarbonizing transport – as we build an accelerated action platform to match our strategic ambition.

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