Study shows significant potential for carbon capture, use and storage in California

California CCUS
California CCUS

California is well placed to use carbon capture and storage technologies as part of a package of decarbonization and clean energy measures to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, according to a new study by the Energy Futures Initiative and Stanford University.

Funded by a wide range of organizations, including OGCI, the report identifies 76 existing power and industrial facilities suitable for carbon capture, with options for safe and permanent CO2 storage. It also highlights successful policy pathways to ensure that CCUS deployment is accelerated, while also maximizing benefits in terms of local jobs and air quality.

OGCI is exploring options to support a low carbon industrial hub in California as part of its CCUS KickStarter initiative, launched in 2019. KickStarter hubs aim to capture carbon dioxide from several industrial sources within one region and bring economies of scale by sharing transport and storage infrastructure.

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