OGCI’s strategy

and principles

OGCI member companies work individually and collectively to accelerate action towards a net zero emissions future. We’ve developed a set of principles and a strategy to guide our action.

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What it means to be an OGCI member


Accelerate action towards a net zero emissions future consistent with the Paris Agreement


Reduce the methane and CO2 intensity of our operations towards net zero


Strive to reach near zero methane emissions and zero routine flaring from operated oil and gas assets by 2030


Act to help decarbonize society by supporting and implementing a wide range of low carbon solutions


Support government policies that consider a value for carbon, explicitly or implicitly


Support the implementation of regulations tackling methane emissions


Engage responsibly with stakeholders and foster candid and constructive dialogue


Invest in and support OGCI Climate Investments‘ $1bn+ fund over a 10-year period

Our approach to advocacy

OGCI is at the forefront of climate action in the oil and gas sector. OGCI constructively engages and advocates with external stakeholders on the basis of positions agreed by consensus.

Advocacy means activities in support of or opposition to issues, rather than specific pieces of legislation, at the local, state, national or international level. It also means helping policymakers find specific solutions to persistent climate change problems, or diverse education, training or stakeholder engagement on an issue in general.

Advocacy practices by and on behalf of OGCI are guided by the following principles:

1. Action led

Practical climate action by OGCI is the cornerstone of our advocacy activity.

2. Advocacy positions

OGCI may develop and agree policy and advocacy positions for consideration and use by OGCI and member companies when directly linked to OGCI agreed actions.

3. Robust approaches

OGCI’s positions should be prepared and agreed, ensuring thorough deliberation between member companies, a deep understanding of the issue and of relevant stakeholder interests.

4. Unity in message

OGCI’s positions are defined and agreed by consensus by the member companies, and are then applied consistently by OGCI.

5. Representation

Advocacy is appropriate, and staff representing OGCI and the member companies should talk about what OGCI is doing within the parameters of the positions agreed. Advocates should receive training and education on the agreed positions and how to present them.

Compliance statement

OGCI and its members are committed to act in accordance with all applicable domestic and international antitrust and competition laws, and to act in accordance with applicable domestic and international anti-corruption laws.