Northern Lights CCUS hub is launched

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Northern Lights

The CO2 transport and storage company Northern Lights JV DA was formally launched in Norway, as an equal partnership between three OGCI member companies – Equinor, Shell and Total

It also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Climeworks, one of the leading companies in the direct air capture field, to jointly explore the potential of combining its capture technology with geological CO2 storage.

Northern Lights will deliver carbon storage as a service, aiming to enable the decarbonisation of industrial emissions in Europe and to facilitate the removal of CO2 from the air. It is the transport and storage component of Norway’s Longship project, which includes capture of CO2 from industrial point sources in the Oslo region and transport by ship to a storage location in western Norway.

When it starts operations in 2024, Northern Lights will be the first ever cross-border, open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure network. It will offer companies across Europe the opportunity to store their CO2 safely and permanently deep under the seabed in Norway.

With construction already underway, Northern Lights/Longship is the most advanced of OGCI’s KickStarter hubs. It is actively sharing knowledge with other hubs to help accelerate CCS deployment at scale.

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